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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Orange and Lemon Marmalade Recipe - Step by Step

We love the tangy taste of our homemade marmalade which is very easy to make. Follow these step by step instructions to make your own.

Ingredients: 9 medium oranges, 2 lemons and 1.4 kg of sugar. The sugar can be adjusted depending on how sweet you prefer your marmalade from between 1.3 kg to 1.5 kg.

Step 1 - Thoroughly wash the fruit and peel thinly to leave as much pith as possible on the fruit.

Step 2 - Remove as much pith as you can from the fruit and quarter.

Step 3 - Pulp the fruit in a processor and then blend it.

Step 4 - Thinly slice the peel into strips and then cut into smaller pieces.

Step 5 - Place the blended fruit, peel and sugar into a large pan and bring to the boil for 20 minutes, stirring until the sugar dissolves and then occasionally.

Step 6 - After around 20 minutes check for setting by spooning some mixture onto a cold plate and leaving for a minute. If the surface starts crinkling and it feels sticky to touch it is ready to pour.
Step 7 -  Pour whilst hot into pre-sterilised jars and seal.
Step 8 - Once cooled wash off any excess and when dry label and date.

Step 9 - Use within 6 months but keep in fridge once opened.

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