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Saturday, 30 November 2013

How to propagate olives trees

Olive trees are easily propagated from stem cuttings.

1. Cut 15 cm - 20 cm long and about 1 cm thick cuttings from the current years olive growth in September or October. The selected stems should be healthy and have lots of leaves.

2.  Fill pots with a mixture of sterile potting compost and sand. 

3. Prepare the cuttings for rooting by removing all but two pairs of leaves and dipping the base of the stem into a rooting hormone. 

4. Push cuttings into individual pots so that they stand upright, making sure some of the bare leaf nodes are under the soil. 

5. Water the pots deeply and cover with a secured plastic bag to retain moisture. 

6. Place the pots in a part shaded area and make sure they do not dry out by re-moistening if needed.

7. Roots should begin to form at 7-9 weeks. Re-pot the cuttings after 10-12 weeks and add some liquid fertliser to encourage growth.

8. Allow the trees to become well rooted before planting out. Once planted keep well watered until established.

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