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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Flavoured olive oil

Preserving food in olive oil has been used for centuries and works by excluding air from your produce to stop bacterial growth.

It is not now widely used for food preservation but many still produce flavoured oils for use in cooking or for salads using garlic, chilli peppers, herbs or sun dried lemons or tomatoes.

When using fresh produce to infuse oil it is necessary to heat the oil to around 150c to kill any bacteria present in the produce before pouring into a pre-sterilsed jar. Always prepare your produce by thoroughly washing and drying and then peeling, removing seeds and slicing into strips.

Place your prepared produce into your jar and pour on the heated olive oil. Seal straight away and keep in a dark area for up to five months.

To ensure your product is safe, once opened, keep in the fridge.