Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Gardening in Cyprus - Jobs for May

May feels much warmer as summer is on the way. The sun shines nearly every day and the temperatures average a minimum of around 10c to 20c and a maximum of between 22-28c but there can sometimes be a heatwave with temperatures soaring to 32c. There can still be the odd rainy day, often a heavy thunderstorm, but these don't tend to last more than a couple of hours, after which the sun shines once again. 

Locals still tend to wear long trousers but the sweatshirts are removed for t-shirts. There is plenty to do in the garden to keep gardeners busy during the month.

Plant annuals, perennials and shrubs – including climbers.

Deadhead annuals and perennials to stimulate continuous flowering.

Keep the roots of fruit trees damp to ensure that forming fruit swells

Spray fruit to prevent problems with such things as leaf curl and fruit moths using appropriate organic sprays.

Weed strawberry beds and harvest the fruit as it ripens.

Plant out watermelon and melon plants and if not already done plant out marrows.

Plant out cucumber plants

Cover soft fruits with netting before they ripen – these are the only fruit other than grapes that we lose to birds if not protected.

Prune out lower growth on grape vines.

Plant out tomato plants.

Plant out peanuts (monkey nuts)

Sow leeks

Plant out sunflowers

Sow summer purslane

Sow rocket and salad leaves

Sow onion seeds

Sow butter beans and chickpeas

Happy gardening for the month and if you require any further advice or information go to


  1. Hi,

    I was browsing through your site and came across your picture of you scarecrow (which I must comment looks very well constructed) and I was hoping you could give me some advice.

    Im creating my own scarecrow at the moment (which I intend on calling Nigel) as I have had a few unfortunate events invoving pesky birds and my nicely seeded plot. What I would appreciate advice on is how lifelike the scarecrow has to be. I am aware that birds are among the most intelligent of God's animals and I don't know how well they had distinguish between real humans and scarecrows trying to look like real humans. Is it important to get the proportions of the body right? Will the birds notice if there are only 3 fingers instead of the mandatory 5? Will they be more scared, and therefore eat less of my seeds, if the scarecrow has an angry expression?

    Any advice would be appreciated, but thank you anyway for putting up the picture of your scarecrow, it has really helped in thinking oabout our own design.

    Mrs H

  2. Hi Mrs H, thanks for the comments about Jake, we placed him to protect tomatoes which last year, as soon as they were ripe, were eaten by birds. As we have no tomatoes yet, the jury is out on whether Jake will prove his worth. He is stuffed with straw, is human size and has a smile on his plastic bottled and old mop haired head. Make sure you insert a frame into your scarecrows body as we had problems getting him to stand erect.

  3. Hello

    Great blog, has helped me out with lots of different things since I started my Container Vegetable Garden...

    One thing i really want to add to my Planted Garden is some soft fruits like blackberry and Raspberry. Are you aware of any locations Cyprus these can be purchased, my Usual Gardening Centers do not have any seeds or bushes or anything of use....

  4. We also have had limited success in locating soft fruits and have brought back some from trips to the UK but if doing so ensure that they are suited to the Mediterranean climate.