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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How to prepare Black Olives for eating

These can be prepared for storage, usually from late October until late December in Cyprus, using the same method as green olives, see my previous blog on green olive preperation using the link below, but do not crack black olives http://cyprusgardener.blogspot.com/2013/10/tsakistes-or-cakistes-make-your-own.html 

Alternatively, black olives can be dry salted.  Pick two kilograms of nice plump blemish free black olives.  Wash them well and pack into a large jar and cover with water. Change the water daily for four days and after the final draining, sprinkle enough rock salt to cover the base.  

Pack the jar with three handfuls of black olives, then add a handful of rock salt and repeat the process until the jar is full ending with a layer of salt. Seal the jar and for the next fifteen days roll the jar every third day to distribute the salt. Your olives will be ready to eat in about four to five weeks.  Take out the amount you require rinse to remove excess salt, drain and dress with lemon juice and olive oil to serve. 

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