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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Make your own juices and smoothies

Juicing for immediate use or freezing is an excellent method of using or preserving your fruit and vegetables gluts. 

Freshly pressed juices are not only delicious but provide the body with a boost of essential vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. 

There are various types of machines for juicing. Electrical juicers, which can vary greatly in price, use either centrifugal or masticating force to extract juice. Alternatively you could purchase a hand-operated fruit press or juicer. Your choice depends on what fruit and vegetables you want to juice and the amount of juicing you intend to do. A juicer suitable for some juicing may not be as effective for other produce. Fruits, such as citruses (which are best peeled), watermelon, grapes, pomegranate and pears, generally have soft cell walls and hand pressing is a suitable method. However, vegetables generally have much tougher cell walls and juice extraction is usually only possible by use of a mechanical juicer. 

Most fruit and vegetables can be juiced and the combinations are endless. Good juicers include carrots, apples, beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage, lemons, celery and ginger. However, almost all fruit are vegetables can be juiced but the amount of juice which can be extracted varies greatly. Experiment with your own combinations.  

We like carrot, apple and ginger and carrot, spinach, parsley and celery.

Try various combinations as it is difficult to produce something not drinkable.

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