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Monday, 31 January 2011

Gardening in Cyprus - Tasks for February

The temperatures in February ranges from around 5c to 16c, the month averages around 10 rainy days. and frosts can occur at anytime during the month. There are lots of jobs to get on with which will keep you warm during February. The following can all be done during the month. 

1.  Plant out Jerusalem Artichokes at 15cm deep and 40cm apart.
2.  Sow peppers in a propagator
3.  Sow parsnips
4.  Start shooting sweet potatoes
5.  Tomatoes can be started in a propagator
6.  Flax (linseed) and sage can be started in a propagator
7.  Sweetcorn can be started in mid-February in a propagator
8.  Chrysantheums can be started in a propagator
9.  Spinach can be sown 
10.Sow aniseed, chamomile, chicory, chives in your herb patch
11. Sow directly marigolds and nasturniums
12. Egg plants can be started in a propagator mid-month
13. Marrow/squash/pumpkin can be started in a propagator mid-month
14. Sow directly into a prepared bed spring onions, beetroot, salad leaves, radish
15. Sow oregano, basil and tumeric in a propagator
16. Plant out comfrey offsets
17. Start chitting potatoes for planting in March
18. Plant out lettuce started in propagator in January and sow more in a  propagator
19. At the end of the month sow directly spring onions into a pre-prepared bed
20. Prune Olives at any time during the month

Happy gardening - remember it's safer to grow your own. For further advice go to cyprusgardener.co.uk

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