Friday, 9 March 2012

Origarum vulgare onitis or salvia lanigera poir?

A kind villager gave us a herb plant to add to our herb garden a while back and it has grown into a healthy looking specimen. We are now trying to identify it, which would allow us to look into the plants uses. The villagers refer to the plant as DRIGANO (or something similar). It's  a perennial, smells of menthol, with green but furry type foilage and is short and bushy. Cannot provide information on it's flower type as it has not flowered yet.

We think it appears to be either origarum vulgare onitis or salvia lanigera poir. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.



  1. in cypriot loukanika there is a small black round ingredient, usually known to cypriots as "shino" it kind of looks like peppercorn, but it isnt, would you know the scientific name for it...thanks