Thursday, 19 May 2011

You cannot beat the taste of home grown tomatoes

You will absolutely delight in the taste of tomatoes you have grown yourself.  Tomatoes with taste,  rather than those supermarket  tomatoes which can be so bland.
Try slicing a home grown organic tomato and a supermarket one and then look at the difference. Supermarket ones are usually so mushy that the only thing they are good for is pasta sauce.  And even that will not taste as good as it does when you make it with home grown tomatoes.
Everybody who has grown their own home grown tomatoes can verify that they taste so much better. However apart from the taste, home grown tomatoes are simply better for you and better for the environment.
If you enjoy a real, sweet juicy tomato, then, you may be surprised to discover how easy it is to grow your own.  Even with limited space, you can grow tomatoes in containers. You can start them from seed in January, in a propagator or indoors somewhere warm, or buy ready grown plants from a garden centre.  And you can never grow enough, as any surplus can be made into a delicious sauce by cooking down and adding onion. garlic and basil and once completely cooled frozen in batches for later use.
But back to those supermarket sold tomatoes which are picked whilst still green.  Picking before full ripeness  gives  both the grower and the processor enough time to ship them to the supermarket.  However before they are transported,  they are usually sprayed with the chemical ethylene (derived from oil) to finish ripening them whilst in transit,  as they might spend days from picking to being sold.
So when they arrive at your supermarket, they have been artificially ripened with a chemical and they are watery because they have been picked too early.  Added to this,  many tomatoes are grown hydroponically and have never had their roots in soil.  When you purchase tomatoes and cut them open, they are  typically pale on the inside and the flesh is very mushy.  That’s because all that the added chemical did was make them look ripe on the outside.  And that is why they do not have any taste. They’re not ripe!

Without wanting them,  you  get the chemical that ripened your tomatoes, plus the chemical they fertilized it with and the chemical pesticides they used while they were growing them.
But if you slice open home grown tomatoes, which were allowed to completely ripen on the vine, you see that they’re firm on the inside and full of lots of colour and flavour. And the more colour you have in all of your vegetables the more vitamins and nutrients they contain.
A recent study reported that a home grown vegetable had 84 minerals and elements whilst the same exact vegetable planted from the same seeds  but grown conventionally with the standard chemical fertilizers and pesticides had 8-10.
Once you have had a home grown organic tomato you will never want to buy those supermarket ones again.  


  1. Hello. I find your website incredibly helpful. Thank you! I live in Mallorca so I figured it will be similar climatically. As I´m relatively new to to veg gardening, I´ve been looking on the net alot for handy tips but haven´t found much for the Med until I came across this. Awesome!! Thanks loads. Emma xx

  2. Thanks for the feedback Emma, happy gardening and good luck with the vegetables - remember growing your own is much safer

  3. Beautiful gardening tips. This post will be an absolute help for me in my gardening start up. Thanks for the post.

  4. Just found your tips and reading reviews.I have started growing tomatos,cucumbers,string beans and peppers,i am having trouble with lots of snails and what looks like small black fly or ant eggs ,not sure i dont want to spray any chemicals or put pellets down as i have cats any tips thanks

    1. Try spraying with biodegradable washing-up liquid which is effective against blackfly and greenfly. With snails - clear away any garden debris where they might be hiding, check under plants and plant leaves, dig around plants to destroy any laid eggs and go out early morning or early evening and collect and destroy, it takes a while but the numbers will reduce over time.