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Friday, 6 December 2013

Garlic - 25 benefits and uses

The following are reasons why you should plant and use your own organic garlic.

1. Make your own pickled garlic.

2. Treat athletes foot by placing slices of garlic between your toes daily and in contact with the affected area. Wear socks and shoes, leaving the garlic in place all day. Garlic with its ant-bacterial and anti-fungal effects will clear the infection after a few days.

3. Treat cold and flu by eating raw garlic.

4. Treat sore throats by making a garlic gargle, chop a few garlic cloves finely and pour over boiling water. Allow to stand for two hours and strain liquid into a pre-sterilised jar and use as a gargle.

5. Make a garlic pesticide useful against aphids and other bugs by boiling some crushed cloves in water, straining and once cold use as a spray on affected plants.

6. Rub garlic on your skin to deter mosquitoes.

7. Remove deep splinters by bandaging sliced garlic over the area and the splinter will work it's way to the surface.

8. Include both raw and cooked garlic in your diet to benefit your heart by acting as a blood thinner.

9. Antioxidant properties mean garlic damages bad cholesterol but boosts good cholesterol..

10.Garlic with it anti- bacterial properties boosts your immune system.

11.Garlic contains 30 anti-cancer compounds and anti-oxidants.

12. Treat coughs by extracting juice from 10 garlic cloves and mixing with 2 tablespoons of honey. Use 3 times a day whilst cough persists.

13. Rub crushed garlic on insect bites and rashes to treat and stop itching.

14. Treat warts by applying a sliced garlic kept in place by a plaster.

15. Make hummus.

16. Use garlic leaves for recipes to replace chives

17. Make garlic and lemon tea as an immune booster.

18. Plant garlic as a companion plant to deter insects from tomatoes and peppers.

19. Plant garlic around the base of citrus trees to reduce curly leaf problems.

20. Plant garlic among cabbages, spinach and broccoli to deter caterpillars.

21. Crushed garlic can be used as a paper glue.

22. Garlic cloves can be used as fish bait.

23. Garlic increases insulin release and helps regulate blood sugar levels for diabetics.

24. Make a disinfectant spray by adding crushed garlic to lemon juice and white vinegar.

25. Treat cold sores by applying cut cloves to the sore several times a day.

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