Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wood Ash - 10 uses

We get a steady supply of wood ash from our wood burning stove and rather than simply spreading it onto vegetable beds to be dug in - here are a few more uses.

1.   Use wood ash to add nutrients to your compost. Contains potash and calcium carbonate.

2.   Use wood ash to deter snails from plants. Spread around the perimeter of the plant.

3.  Use wood ash to add nutrients to planting holes for tomatoes  by adding about half a cup to each hole.

4.   Use wood ash to clean stove glass doors. Add to a damp sponge to wipe away sooty deposits.

5.   Use wood ash for soap making. Soak ashes in water to make lye which is used in the soap making process.

6.   Use wood ash to clean metal by making a paste with the ash.

7.   Use wood ash as a dust bath for chickens, it kills lice and mites.

8.   Use wood ash to remove sticky labels from glass jars by making a paste with a little water.

9.   Use wood ash as a top dressing around onions, leeks and garlic.

10. Use wood ash to raise the Ph of soil if required, as an alternative to lime.


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  2. A friend sent this on to me and I had to come make a comment to tell you about the ways I use wood ash the most and you didn't mention: spread it in the yard and garden in the spring to help melt the snow faster - it makes a huge difference!! Spread it on the pathways and in the yard on top of ice so you can keep your footing. Carry some in winter in your car, along with a container for spreading it, and spread it on slippery back roads on the hills, so you can get home! Using it on ice and when conditions are slick as put me back on the road many a time!!!

  3. it also can be used in water filtration