Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Vegetable seeds

I’ve been looking for a site to purchase some vegetable and herb seeds. I have found one site that offers a wide range of seeds and includes organic seeds. The site also has lots of useful information on companion planting and germination rates. Follow the link to judge for yourself.

VegetableSeeds.net offers great value and has over 400 varieties available.

Shipping to UK addresses is free for orders over £10 and European orders are charged £3 for postage and packaging.


  1. Hi
    i have just stumbled across your fabulous blog, so much information, i am moving out to Cyprus in novemeber and was looking at growing a few bits myself. sue.

  2. Good luck with the move and happy gardening

  3. I can't help notice the lack of varieties of veggie seeds available in Cyprus shops/garden centres ...seems like there's one type tomato, cucumber, bean etc....is it possible to have seeds shipped to Cyprus from England say? or America?



    1. Hi Bella

      Ordering seeds for shipping should not be a problem or if friends or family are travelling to Cyprus place your order with them