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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Briquette maker

We recently purchased a briquette maker which is an excellent way of recycling paper to use as fuel in our wood-burning stove. I don't know if we do but the average household throws out 500kg of paper a year.

Collect paper in a bag keeping newspaper, cardboard and other paper but don't keep any glossy paper. You can also keep wood chippings and sawdust to add to your briquette mixture.

Once you have sufficient paper - shred into strips ans soak in water over night. Drain and mix in any wood chippings and sawdust and put pulp into the log maker. Once full, the handles are squeezed to remove most of the water. Remove your briquettes and leave to dry out fully which will take from two to four weeks.

Use your briquettes in the stove and you will find they burn well, burn for quite some time and leave very little ash.

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